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FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 1:00am PDT
'm 55, 60 years old i know my body is going to be broke down and romney doesn't care about that. >> bill: a nasty situation involving a romney campaign sign also in california. here now fox news anchor geraldo rivera. so richard is mad at romney, why? >> well, richard hayes is a really, the sanitation worker. is he really the garbage collector at romney's la jolla mansion. also a member of as me the american federation of county and state employees. wevehement opponents of mitt romney's candidacy. they represent all the municipal workers. the people whose pensions are bankrupting cities and have been, you know, in the crosshairs of mitt romney and the republicans for this entire election cycle. so they come up with this idea in the wake of the 47% hidden video where romney said, you know, half the people in this country don't tax. they are not going to vote for me no matter what. what they are trying to do democrats and very aggressive militant group of public employees are trying to do is really portray romney as a man out of touch. he lives in a mansion with an elevator for his car. an
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 1:00am PDT
't come. that's why i think people are a lot of republicans are down cast. >> bill: i think it's because romney hasn't been forceful enough. last year -- last elections 61% 45%. romney is running better than mccain ran in the polls. and i do believe it's because of disenchantment with president obama i know a will the of people myself antidotal doesn't do much good here. who they are not sure about romney, that's why i'm saying that the first debate means everything if he can inspire people who are not devoted. 42% devoted to president obama are not going to vote for romney. there is swing area there where if the president comes off weak or flustered. if romney can fluster him. romney is going to pick those up quickly there is much bigger than the first debate. >> i would say president obama is a known quantity. is he probably not going to change people's opinions of him. romney is a little different. even though he has been doing this for years now we have been through a whole series. people didn't watch those. people didn't watch the convention he have a big audience he is the one that
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
: this is what i would do which you have already told romney not to do. i look at him down the line you know, i'm tired of this, mr. president. i'm really tired of you trying to paint me as somebody who wants who hurt working americans. that's just a lie and you know it's a lie. and you are spreading it around. and i'm tired of it that's what i would do. >> in politics you have got to be careful about the word lie. everybody expects politicians to stretch the truth. when you call him on a lie you have got to be careful about using the word lie. mr. president, with all due respect you know that's not true. and why you keep saying it is beyond me because here are the facts and set out the facts. >> you are not going to hit him right between the eyes. >> when you do that you are hitting him between the eyes but not just taking a back to hill. you need to walk out of this thing you are strong, you have got conviction and i can see you being the president of the united states. you won debating points tonight by bludgeoning your opponent. directly ahead two democrats will respond to carl rove and my
FOX News
Oct 4, 2012 8:00pm PDT
, in ohio, the president has had a little bigger lead. any gains that romney makes will perhaps just cut into that. wouldn't surprise me if mr. romney moves ahead in florida or virginia. >> bill: now, things are goinga. okay? we're down about a month before we are going to vote. and it gets to be harder and harder the closer and closer you get to election day, correct? >> correct. >> bill: that's why i feel mitt romney did himself a tremendous favor last night by coming across the way he did. >> big favor last night partly because voting is now on in ohio and other places. they are actually casting ballots today. also this report on unemployment coming out tomorrow. could either add to romney's momentum or perhaps change the story entirely. >> bill: okay. now, dr. sabato has a beef with me about my talking points memo if i were a student in his class, i probably would be running on the c track right now. what's your complaint. >> twice in your show today already you have compared president obama to boring college professors. [ laughter ] i just simply want you to know every colleague i h
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
that he's done that have caused the economy to go down. >> bill: final question, does mitt romney have to say, because you know the president is going to come after him -- look, here is what i'm going to phase out. some charitable stuff, some real estate stuff, does he have to do that or can he stay in the general area where he feels more comfortable? >> no. what he has to do is cast a vision that's a better alternative than the path we're on. >> bill: does that include specificity in those areas where the president is going to keep banging him and banging him and banging him, tell me, tell me, tell me? >> i don't think by and large it has to. there has to be a few specifics, but what he has to do is show that he offers a better way forward than the president does right now. >> bill: all right. mr. o'donnell, thanks very much. we hope you'll come back, by the way in a few days and assess what happened out there. all right? >> would love to. >> bill: directly ahead, the president counting on women to put him back in the white house. crowley and colmes on that. then, don imus this mornin
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)